Introducing E K Snowden

Artist, poet, educator

Pop back to discover more about Emily’s forthcoming Poetry Book.

Meanwhile, here are some responses to questions that explore what inspires the work

Name somethings you love, and why:  Marmite. I love the flavour of course, but I also love the fact that some people love Marmite, and some people hate even just the thought of it. Like God.

Three artists: I wouldn’t necessarily want to be compared by them but these artists have impacted my life is so many ways… -Mary Oliver: her poetry has saved my life more than once. I love her. -Marina Abramovic: the simplicity of her early work dealing with very complex issues is something I aspire towards. -Deko Nakajima: a food writer and researcher focussing on holistic life styles, the way she lives her life really inspires me to live my own life with integrity too.

What makes you angry: There are quite a few things that make me upset, but the wage gaps seen across the world fills me with rage.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? The sacred in and of everyday life.

Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet? Pole dancing- it is so elegant and sensual, and will surely help me get fitter too!

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