Delightful Festival

I want to take you on a tour of where we all live.

If you’re reading this… then that place is the internet!


Here is a small tour of my friend’s work.  How they have carved the world wide web into unleashing their personality, creativity and message.  I love how they live their values.  I find their work inspiring.

So this is a tour of a place I like.  A place a live.  Here on the internet.

A festival of ebooks for all of our delight with the invitation to create your own (and tell us about that too!  Happily share links to YOUR work too!)


When I think of the internet this image pops up.  Have a listen of the Hidden Treasures Festival with the link below and see if you agree.



Happy February




Enjoy uncovering the treasures of where we live!  And maybe see you later this year for the next one.  Your Free Early Bird ticket is here 


PS find more tours of where we live here



Introducing Jemilin McMurray

Jemilin is an Artist and Author.  As a Calligrapher, she shared some of her inspiration.
What is your most popular blogging topic and how do you get your ideas?
It’s Calligraphy especially Calligraphy for meditation as this relates to my current job and I am also obsessed with Calligraphy artwork.
What superpower would you have and why? 
I would like to have super power to be able to turn back time as I regret some part of my life.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

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